Empirical Automation
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Meet Caesar:
Your Research Robot That's Ready to Learn

Simple to program, setup in 5 minutes, and ready for machine learning research.

Degrees of Freedom: 6 on arm, including gripper, plus neck
Reach: 920mm from base
Payload: 350g
Task Repeatability: +/- 0.5mm
Joint Speeds: maximum 300 deg/s
Electronics and Wiring: self-contained; two wire output from robot; 3 prong power cord, USB
Materials: aircraft grade aluminum, PLA and advanced polymers
Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 750mm
Sensors: Depth sensor neck sensor; upgrades available
End Effector: default 2 finger gripper included, 90mm opening
User Interfaces: C/C++, Python software libraries; desktop programs accessible over USB; tablet/mobile support
Physical Mounting: base has 4 square corner mount points, M8 hole size
Extensions and Upgrades: customizable end-effector; replaceable arm structure from base; modular joint configs
Customizations available upon request: reach, payload, speed.

Base Price: $4995.95 USD

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